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Georgia Women's Golf Association

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2019 Four Ball at Jekyll Island - April 29th and 30th

2019 State Am - June 26 - 28th


About GWGA

Mission Statement

The mission of the GWGA is to encourage excellence and promote the game of golf through organized play among the female residents of the State of Georgia.

Activities to support the mission:
P - 1.  Promote annual tournaments

E - 2.  Encourage membership and participation; and,
P - 3.  Provide grants to selected female golf programs.


Pinning of 2018 Honorary Life Member

Congratulations Belinda Marsh!

Thank you Belinda for all the years of service to women's golf and GWGA.

GWGA Grant Programs Promote Golf through Support of Girls' and Women's Golf Programs

Members may contribute to the Grant Programs which support Girls' Golf Programs in Middle Schools, High Schools, and Colleges throughout the State!

Schools should submit Grant Applications by June 15.

Golf Tip of Week

The subject of pace of play is first mentioned in Section I Etiquette, advising that players should be ready to play as soon as it is their turn to play. Subsequently, Rule 6-7 [Undue Delay; Slow Play] confirms that the player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the Committee may establish. Also, this Rule advises that the player must not unduly delay play between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground.

2018 President's Letter

President's Letter