2019 Grant Awards (for the 2020 season)

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These funds primarily go to school programs all around the state.   

GWGA is an organization that promotes girl's and/or women's golf programs. The program is eligible to apply for one of the minimum $500.00 / maximum $1000.00 Grants. These funds may be used for equipment, team/group uniforms, team/group entry fees, and teaching aids.   

2019 Grants Program Applications

Welcome to the 2019 On-line Grants Application process.  

The Georgia Women’s Golf Association Grant purpose is to assist an organization through funds to develop, promote, maintain and protect the best interests of the game of golf among amateur female golfers throughout the State of Georgia. 

Please complete send or email the completed Grant Application and any supporting documentation to the contact information provided on the last page/screen before the deadline, June 01, 2019.

The GWGA Grant Committee will rate each section on the Grant application using the following scale:

4—Excellent/exceeds requirements

3—Very good



0—Did not address

The Recipients of the awards from the Grant Fund will be determined during the June GWGA Board   meeting and announced at the Georgia Women’s State Amateur Champions Banquet on June 27, 2019.   

A Board member will contact The “Primary Application Contact” to inform them of the award. The Grant checks will be mailed/delivered after October 1, 2019 and picture(s) of the awarding of the Grant Funds will appear on the GWGA website

For those of you wishing to mail-in your Grant Applications, download the application form and mail-in by June 1, 2019.

2019 Grant Application form (pdf)


Grant Program Recipients


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2018 GWGA Grant Awards2 (pdf)


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